Game Fishing

Our aim is to provide you with the best game and sport charters available anywhere. Our environmentally friendly catch and release technique ensure we handover to the next generation one of the most addicting of sporting pastimes. We fish some of the most remote pristine reefs and islands to be found any where in the Andaman

Today what we have on offer is truly the one of the last bastions in sport fishing a place where no commercial fishing is allowed. we fish the Andaman islands groups of Ritchie's archipelago and the south Andaman Islands.

The waters around these islands are ideal for trolling, popper casting, bottom fishing &jigging.


From port blair we are able to access the spectacular fishing between the middle and little Andaman islands. These areas are up to 35 nm away and are difficult to access without a fast boat. Cinque, passage, sister and brother islands along with their surrounding reef systems and tides make them a fishing paradise.

About fishing from Havelock island

The archipelago is a 60 km long expense of island with diverse landscapes, including beaches, tropical rainforest, mangrove and reef, the continent shelf is in some places than 6 nm off the island.

Some of the varieties of fish available are

  • Skip jack, crevalee jack, giant kingfish(5 to 20 kgs)
  • Giant trevally(10-25kgs),grouper(3-15kgs)
  • Red snapper(3-8 kgs)
  • Giant barracuda(8-15 kgs)
  • Spanish mackerel(5-12kgs)
  • Bonito(1-4 kgs)
  • Vivaneau job, sailfish(30-50 kgs)
  • Marlin & tuna (5-20 kgs)